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All companies today require business services to conduct business.  These services include email, document storage, and inter-office collaboration, just to name a few. You also need a team that can support and keep these services running trouble free. The IT Team offers many different business services crucial to keep your business running efficiently.  We have broken these services down into five main categories. Whatever services your business may need to use, we can tailor them to fit your needs so you don’t overpay for services you don’t use.


Email Services

We offer POP, IMAP, or Exchange email services with a variety ways to access the accounts. You can always access your mail through a mail client, the web, or mobile platforms. We can configure your mail server in many different configurations depending on your needs, such as mailbox size limitations, retention periods, and mailable attachments, etc.


We offer reliable service with multiple redundant data centers, giving you a 99.999% uptime. If something should happen, all support is included at no extra cost.


If you do not have your own domain or would like to create a new one, we offer domain registration and hosting as additional services.


Office Apps

We offer subscriptions to Office 365 applications that give you that latest updates and upgrades as they are released at no extra cost. Both standard and ProPlus versions are available. This subscription gives you access to Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Terminal Service Support  (ProPlus only) and Remote Desktop support (ProPlus only). Both versions allow installation on multiple devices allowing you to install on work computer and your home computer as well as mobile devices.



We offer spam protection for email which uses the latest technologies to help keep your inboxes clean and safe. We have several different packages to choose from depending on your needs. All email protection includes inbound spam and malware filtering, Safe & Blocked Senders list, basic attachment management, email tracking and email reporting. The other packages offering advanced attachment management, URL protection, phishing protection, outbound spam and malware filtering, DKIM Outbound Signing and Outbound content filtering (DLP). We can customize packages to fit your needs and environment.

We offer policy or user-based email encryption giving you the option of encrypting your entire organization’s email or individual users the control to encrypt on-demand. Some of the benefits include the reduction in risk of confidential information being read or compromised by unauthorized users, facilitates compliance with Federal and State laws, centralized management with built in reporting and message tracking, and can automatically scan all outbound emails sent from any desktop or mobile client.


Collaboration Tools

Skype for Business is a great collaboration and chat tool to keep in touch and stay informed with your team. Chats can be done one-on-one or with entire groups. Skype for Business integrates seamlessly into Exchange and will provide chat availability for users based upon their calendar availability. Chat can be set up to include only people in your organization, or can be configured to include outside contacts such as your customers or vendors.


Online Meeting allows you to host meetings, trainings, or webinars easily through a web connection. We offer three different packages (Starter, Lite, Pro) depending on your needs. All Online Meeting packages include HD video, VoIP/PSTN audio, screen and application sharing, meeting chat, and the ability to join the meeting through Google Chrome or the Online Meeting app.

SharePoint is a document repository for storage and access of your documents with the ability to share them with your teams and customers. SharePoint repositories are cloud based and are accessible from most web browsers giving you and your customers flexibility while maintaining a secure environment.


Cloud Computing

Many companies are finding it more beneficial in both cost and productivity by moving their business to the cloud. This gives them more reliability with redundancy. Other benefits include employees and customers able to access resources anywhere and at lower maintenance costs. When your company is ready to make the switch to cloud computing, we offer many packages to fit your needs.

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