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IT Solutions For 

Your Industry

Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

The IT Team specializes in helping small and mid-sized businesses achieve their technology goals. We will work directly with you, tailoring our tools to the unique needs of your business. Each business, like each industry have unique requirements for operations and compliance. We have worked in most industries and understand the standards needed in each. Our goal is for you to focus on your business, while we focus on your technology.

Some of the industries we have supported include:
Manufacturing and Wholesale
Professional Services
Real Estate
Veterinary/Pet Care

Your IT support can be handled a couple of different ways.  Some larger companies have their own "In House" IT department and a whole team of experts behind it who take care of all of the company's needs.  This can be costly and not effective for businesses that do not need a full time IT staff.

Another option for handling your support needs is through outsourcing.  There are many benefits to outsourcing.  Especially when it comes to expenses.  Keeping a staff of technicians and engineers is very costly in just payroll alone.  And with the extra cost of insurance, training and benefits, a great portion of the IT budget is used for staffing your helpdesk. With outsourcing, you can eliminate some or all of that expense.

That's were we come in.  We specialize in supporting small to medium sized businesses with 1 to 99 employees.  We have a pool of IT talent that can handle any IT task that you may have.  And when you need help with a task or issue, we assign the appropriate resource to that task to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. 

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