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Networks are one of the most important parts of a business’s infrastructure.  They connect all of your employees and services together.  Without them, email would stay in your outbox and never reach the intended recipient. Networks come in many different shapes and sizes.  They are built in single segments, or sometimes multiple segments depending on your business needs. All networks can be simple or complex, as well as run a domain.

Type of Networks:

Simple Networks are networks that are defined by one router/firewall. These networks can be configured in many different ways depending upon the requirements of the network. This is a common configurations for companies with only one location.


Complex Networks are networks that contain more than one router/firewall. These networks are configured to work together either to extend their network, or special security configurations. They can also be used to separate business units, departments or groups. This is a very common configuration for companies with more than one location.


Domain Networks are networks that can either be simple or complex, but has an added layer of network control. Domain networks are created by a Windows server for centralized control of company assets and resources.


No matter what type of network you have, The IT Team will manage your network for you to ensure your business is up and running, as well as keeping you secure from external threats. 


Adding Network support to any support contract will ensure that your systems are fully monitored.

Top Reasons to Monitor Your Network:
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