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Awareness Training

When it comes to business cybersecurity, end users are your first line of defense. Unfortunately, they are often also your weakest link. Today’s cybercriminals target employees to infiltrate small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), counting on their ability to exploit human curiosity, error, and even greed. Many employees are totally unprepared to identify suspicious or malicious web content, putting themselves and the companies they represent at risk. Plus, for higher-value hacks, criminals put in greater effort to socially engineer the employee and abuse their trust. Senior executives with higher-level corporate permissions and access are often targeted in these types of campaigns.


To strengthen their overall IT security strategy, businesses need effective, relevant, interactive content to educate employees on risks and modern malware tactics. When the Ponemon Institute looked at phishing awareness programs, even the least effective training program still resulted in a sevenfold ROI, and that includes lost productivity time. This is proof that security awareness training works and protects the bottom line.


Through regular security awareness training programs, SMBs improve their overall IT security strategy and reduce costs associated with remediation. Similarly, managed service providers (MSPs) also benefit from reduced remediation costs, as well as an additional revenue


How does it work?

Each quarter everyone in your organization will receive an invitation from The IT Team to register and view a webinar.  These webinars are usually 15 to 30 minutes in length.  Each course is on a topic of general cybersecurity, featured cybersecurity, or compliance.


In addition, we will be sending our own phishing emails to everyone in your organization throughout the quarter.  We record who opens each email, if they clicked on any links, and if they completed any of the forms.  Though we do not collect any information or harm your systems in any way, we do use this as a tool to measure and identify any training issues. 


Each quarter we will send you a report of users that ‘bit’ on the phishing email as well as who completed and didn’t complete the webinar course.


The Webroot Difference

Webroot focuses on the needs of SMBs, enabling them to be their most profitable and secure. We have direct visibility into the latest threats facing users around the world, and our global machine learning threat intelligence approach ensures that all Webroot protected devices are secured in real time. Our threat intelligence also allows us to proactively produce security awareness training that is always relevant, topical, and tailored to the real-world threats end users encounter.

What are the benefits of Security Awareness Training?
  • Realistic phishing simulations lets you accurately monitor real-world user responses, then direct awareness programs to users accordingly.

  • Activity reports to measure progress, risk score, and ROI. Training reports show user progress, so accountability and value are always clear.

  • Each Quarter’s training can be tailored to the training needs of you and your staff with courses in compliance, general cybersecurity, or featured cybersecurity content.

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