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Vendor management allows for your users to have one location to get assistance for their IT related systems. Regardless of the vendor that provides the service, the user would need to open a ticket with us an we will open a ticket with that vendor and work the ticket to completion. This frees the user to work on other projects while we are getting their service restored.

Vendor Management is perfect for the company wanting:
  • To keep your staff productive while we handle their IT issues.
  • Us to handle the technical jargon and tasks that will be required by the vendor.
  • Centralized log for your IT issues, regardless of vendor.
How it works

Once a vendor management agreement has been established, we will need a full list of your IT specific vendors. You will also need to contact each vendor to have The IT Team added as a full administrator on your account. After this is complete, your users simply place tickets with us for phones, email, internet, etc., and we handle the rest.

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